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Being able to Send Sales Notifications to all your customer’s mobile phones AND computers WITHOUT having to ask them to install an app.
Restaurants could send a notice out about their latest specials... Bars could send out 'happy hour' notices offering 2 for 1 beers... Push notifications can be extremely lucrative for a business, yet there are a few MAJOR problems preventing them from being cost effective!

Problem #1:

Mobile apps are very expensive to build! 

Problem #2:

Businesses have a hard time getting their customers to install their app 

Until NOW!!!

 How it all works…

You may have noticed companies like CNN, Facebook, Google (Gmail), Fox News, The New York Times, and others using this as the primary way to drive readers back to their site:

"Mi6.Solutions Presents"

Secret Agent Marketing Techniques “STEALTH PUSHER”  

I’ve been receiving notices like these on my computer and my phone over the past year without ever having installed their apps on my phone, just from browsing their website. It NEVER occurred to me just how powerful that is, and I never thought is was something that I would be able to use in my own business.
Now You can too!!  
For only $400 monthly

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